Must Have, Best Android Apps for Bloggers

This post is for all the bloggers out there. Well, if you are a blogger than you may know that bloggers have a habit to keep track of their blogs, earnings and stats but sometimes it becomes tough to keep track of stats. So today, I thought to share some android apps for bloggers. These android apps can help when you are away from your computer. These are some must have android apps for bloggers to keep track of their stats or for other things. I have tried these apps on HTC Desire having Android 4.0 ICS and they are working fine. Hope they work for you as well. You can try installing them on your android device but I can’t guarantee that they will work for you too.

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Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers

1-Google AdSense for Android| Best Android App for Bloggers

Google AdSense for Android or Adsense Dashboard is the best android app to keep track of your daily AdSense earnings. It can calculate your earnings in real time. You can set auto update frequency and default stats. You can add more than one account. The interface is nice and you can get the overview of your today’s earnings as well as clicks, CTR, CPC and stats for current month and year on single screen. You can also set AdSense widget on your home screen. This is one of the best android apps for bloggers. Download this app from Google Play.

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2-gAnalytics for Android

best android apps for bloggers

There is no spelling mistake, you read it right. It is gAnalytics not Analytics. This is not the official android app from Google but it’s awesome. You can also go for Google Analytics which is official but believe me that won’t give you too many options like gAnalytics. gAnalytics for Android gives you lots of options like visitors, bounce rate, pages/visit, real time visitors and almost every option you find on a computer. Download it now.

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3-Wordpress for Android

WordPress for Android is an amazing app. With WordPress you can create new posts or edit old posts. You can use it for as well as blogs. It has a good eye pleasing UI and gives you lots of options. Seriously I can’t live without this app surely deserves a place in this list of best android apps for bloggers. Download WordPress from here.

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4-PayPal app for Android

Many Bloggers use PayPal. Just Imagine your life without PayPal. PayPal app for android is a must have android app for bloggers. With this app, you can check your transactions. You can also pay for your online shopping (Ebay) with this awesome app.

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5-Gmail App for Android

Bloggers always get tons of Emails and we don’t have time to read all of’em. Gmail app for android is fast and reliable as you don’t have to share your details with 3rd parties. It’s the official app from Google and is easy to use. You can set Gmail widget on your home screen. It is fast and you will get notified as soon as the mail lands in your inbox. you can get it from here.

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So these were 5 must have best android apps for bloggers to keep track of your stats or to increase your productivity. Did I miss some apps? Which apps do you use?  You can include them in comments.