new_yahoo_mailWith the New features of yahoo mail, it is now possible to synchronize the Yahoo mail themes with the new features of the Yahoo mail. This new feature allows for the Yahoo mail user to handle better his threaded conversations with his quittances. Additionally, the new Yahoo mail theme features a collapsible toolbar unlike never before. The previous versions of the Yahoo mail used to feature a rigid toolbar of which at times used to obscure the background information from the Yahoo user. However, the new Yahoo mail has now made it to remain a thing of the past. In addition, the new Yahoo mail can now operate on your smart phone devices including the Android smart phones and the Windows 8 smart phone device.


The previous features of Yahoo’s Mail Plus’ are now accessible to all users 

The New features of yahoo mail enables the Yahoo mail users to enjoy the new Yahoo’s Mail Plus’; an option that was not previously accessible to all Yahoo mail users. This means that the Yahoo mail users can get to enjoy some new services from the Yahoo mail like the forwarding of mails to other Yahoo mail users, the use of the disposable email addresses and the popping alert for a new mail received to the Yahoo mail user. Moreover, the new features of the Yahoo mail gives a new improved look to the inbox feature of the Yahoo mail. It features a lot of transparency effects together with some parallax effects factored in.


A cleaner and crisper new design for the business aspect of the Yahoo mail

The New features of yahoo mail are much cleaner and crisper in design especially for the business class of people. The business aspects of the Yahoo mail have been improved in this latest Yahoo mail service. The storage capacity has been boosted to a whopping one terabyte for all the Yahoo mail users! This is quite something especially for the business class of people. Moreover, a click at the bottom of the Yahoo mail page lets you reply instantly to a new inbox message; just like in the instant messaging services. The layout of the mail is more logically arranged with the formatting options for the Yahoo mail moved to the bottom.

Whatever you use the Yahoo mail for, the new Yahoo mail is a must have for all the computer users in the world. The new features of the Yahoo mail service will help to keep you at the cutting edge of technology; just the same way Yahoo is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Below is a YouTube video link of how to enable Yahoo’s POP Forwarding for free-YouTube