Hike Messenger Free Download for Android, iPhone, Windows & Symbian

Hike is the new free messenger app from “Bharti Softbank”, you can download hike messenger for free from the link given within this post. Hike messenger app lets you send messages from your mobile to any user, family members or friends. Doesn’t this app remind you of Whatsapp? I think you have used Whatsapp on your mobile and liked it, I like it too. Whatsapp lets you send free messages worldwide but there are some conditions or you can say limitations. You should have an internet pack and the other user must have Whatsapp installed on his device to get messages. This is the situation where Whatsapp fails. I.e. if you don’t have Whatsapp installed then you can’t receive messages. So we need to find some Whatsapp alternative. Hike messenger is the solution (Whatsapp alternative) if you want to have a similar application or messenger like Whatsapp with this additional facility to send messages even if the other user is not having the Hike Messenger on his mobile.

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Hike Messenger Features

Well, hike messenger can send unlimited messages to anyone, worldwide if both;  sender and receiver have hike installed on their devices otherwise you get 100 messages / month for users, who don’t have hike installed. This facility is available for Indians only. The UI of hike app is nice and eye pleasing. I did not face any problem while using it.

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download hike messenger free

Hike Messenger : The New WhatsApp Alternative

You can also chat with a group and share your photos and videos like Whatsapp. Group chat is an amazing feature.

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Hike Messenger Rewards: How to Earn Money & Rewards with Hike

You can get rewards by installing and referring hike messenger to your friends. All you have to do is just, download Hike messenger free, install it on your phone and you will get 10 rs instantly. Then open the application and go to “Invite Friends” and choose the method to refer this messenger app to your friends or acquaintances. Once your friends respond to your request and download hike messenger from your link; you will get 20 rs talk-time (This offer is valid till 28th February and is for Indian users only), you can redeem your rewards once it reaches 50 rs. You can get 50 free messages also by adding your Facebook and twitter profiles to hike app.

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Hike Messenger Download Free

You can download hike messenger for free from below link.

Download Hike for Android and Other OS

After clicking on this, you will be redirected to hike’s official website and then you can choose the platform or OS. So download and install Hike messenger now and share your reviews about this awesome messenger application.