FORZA-MOTORSPORT-5Forza Motorpsort 5 Limited Edition is a racing game bundle that is designed to appeal to fans of the game and features a selection of physical and digital enhancements. Known for its brilliant graphics, accurate game physics and selection of well designed single player and multi-player modes, Forza is a driving franchise that has become increasingly popular of the last several years.


The limited edition features a selection of bonus items that will not appear in the normal editions. The limited edition is designed for the true fans and for those that want to get a good, money-saving deal at the same time. The Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition of the game comes in a cool, steel back case that is well designed and is a collectors item in itself. The VIP membership allows users to access a wealth of new things that normal users cannot will not have access to. These include special multi-player events and access to gifts from the Forza team. $10 worth of car tokens are also included in this edition that allow for users to access any car within the game.
A selection of digital car packs are also featured in this version, that don’t appear in other versions of the game. These include a selection of specially tuned cars that have been designed to enhance the gameplay and add a new depth of character to the experience. The cutting edge sports cars in these packs include the Audi RS3 Sportback, the Aston Martin Vanquish and the McLaren P1.


This is a stylish and realistic racing game that is popular with the racing gamers. The series is well known for its accurate physics of real life cars. Some users complain that the car damage effects in the game are not very realistic, but this is a small problem. The handling of the vehicles is extremely realistic and this is a popular feature among players. The single player game is also engrossing and will keep the player entertained. The multi-player game is fast and exciting and is also a crucial element in the game.

The limited edition of this game should appeal to true fans of the series, but some players may not want to shell out extra money for the unique extras. Some players may find the steelbook case (that features an Audi RS7 on the front) a bit of a gimmick, whilst others may see this as a collectable item.