Subway Surfers for PC Free Download [Android Game]

Hope you are enjoying the awesome stuff shared by us. Today I am going to tell you how to download subway surfers for pc. By doing the exact what I am about to explain, you will be able to play subway surfers on your PC or computer. Well, subways surfers is one of the best games for Android 4.0, it is a funny and addictive game. The concept of subway surfers is same as of Temple run i.e. you have to run in the game but there are some differences. The PC version of the game is not officially available but we can still play subway surfers on pc. Just read this post and you will be able to play it on your computer. I personally think that Subway Surfers is far better than Temple Run. You can get Skate board, headstart, Jetpacks, coins, boxes and other powers and this makes the game more addictive. Also you can play it with your friends by integrating facebook.

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Subway Surfers for PC Download

download subway surfers for pc or computer

To play subway surfers on your PC or computer, you need to install a software and the Android Package (.apk) file of the game. The software I am providing is a kind of emulator which runs the .apk files on almost every version of windows. So first you need to download the software from the below link.

Download Bluestacks

then you have to download the .apk file of Subway surfers. You can get the .apk file by googling it. The size of the .apk file is almost 20 MB. When you have the software and the .apk file of the game, you may proceed.

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How To Play Subway Surfers on PC,Android or computer

when you are done with downloading the software and the .apk file of game, the next step is to install Subway Surfers for PC. for that you have to install the software first and restart your PC or computer. then go to the .apk file of the game and open it with the software, doing this will automatically install subway surfers on your computer. not you can find the installed file and open it. if you can’t find the installed files, go to you documents and then “apps” and you will find the game there.

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if you have any problems, put them in comments. Enjoy subway surfers for pc.