How To Change Fonts on iPhone [ iPhone5 And iPhone 4S]

Do you want to change fonts on iPhone? Are you bored with those old fonts of your iPhone? If yes, then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you how to do this; i.e. how to change the fonts on iPhone? So just go through this post and you will be able to change the fonts of iPhone whether it is iPhone5 or iPhone 4S.

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Most of the peoples get bored with the UI and old look of their iPhone and font plays an important role in UI. Changing the fonts can give your iPhone a slightly different look, you can also try new iPhone Themes for your iPhone5 and iPhone 4S. But changing fonts is the best and basic thing a person can do to change the look of his/her iPhone. So below is the method to change fonts on iPhone.

How to Change Fonts on iPhone

how to change fonts on iPhone 5

Changing iPhone fonts is a simple process if you use BytaFonts. BytaFonts is a really easy way to change fonts on iPhone. All you need to do is just install BytaFonts from Cydia and perform some operations on fonts and your fonts will be changed. Believe me it’s really easy to use but there is one condition- You need to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to use BytaFonts but don’t worry if you don’t like BytaFonts you can UnJailbreak your iPhone later.

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So the whole process for changing fonts on iPhone is below:

  1. Install BytaFonts from Cydia. Search and install BytaFonts.
  2. Go to Cydia, then section and then fonts.
  3. Install fonts you like.
  4. Go to iPhone springboard and launch BytaFonts from there.
  5. Select the installed fonts which you want to use as new fonts and confirm the change.
  6. Wait for respring and fonts will be changed.

So this was the whole process to change fonts on iPhone (iPhone5 and iPhone 4S). Do you have any other methods? Put your suggestions about how to change iPhone fonts in the comments and do share this post with your friends on Facebook and Google+.