I think you all are aware of Technorati blog directory. It’s a high PR web blog directory which allows you to submit your blog. Submitting a bog on Technorati blog directory is easy but claiming it is a bit tricky. Some people find it much difficult to claim their blog on technorati blog directory. When you submit a blog to Technorati blog directory, they will provide you a token via email and you will have to perform some actions in order to claim your blog on Technorati blog directory, successfully.

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Now, we shall discuss how to claim a blog on Technorati blog directory?

How to Claim a Blog on Technorati Blog Directory

To claim a blog on technorati blog directory we will make use of the token you are provided by Technorati. It’s a mixture of letters and numbers and will be sent to you via email by Technorati. To get this token, you will have to create an account on Technorati and add a blog, now click on claim and the token will be sent to you via email. I am assuming that you already have created an account and submitted a blog to Technorati and you have the token with you. Now perform the following tasks to claim your blog on Technorati.

how to claim a blog on technorati blog directory

1-      Copy your “claim token” which is sent to you by Technorati.

2-      Go to your dashboard and create a new post with any name, paste this token in its body and publish the post. Now check you RSS feeds, they must show this new post with the token. If everything is right you may proceed.

NOTE: you may also paste this token in one of your old posts but RSS feeds must show it.

3-      Now go to Technorati and click on verify claim token.

Now, Technorati will search for that code and notify you with a message that they have successfully crawled your blog and your claim is now awaiting final review. Now you need to wait for some time before they accept your blog. Focus on creating quality content.

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Benefits of Claiming a Blog on Technorati Web Directory

There are many benefits of creating a blog on Technorati. As we know it’s a high PR blog directory and gives DoFollow backlinks so you will get linkjuice. Also it gives you a rank for categories which can boost your traffic and PR. So I would suggest you to claim your blog on Technorati for higher rankings and traffic.

So this was the whole process to claim a blog on technorati blog directory. Hope you found this useful. Share this post with your friends and enjoy a happy week.