Creating PayPal account is a must do thing for all the bloggers as they need to send and receive payments internationally. PayPal is an easy way for this kind of transactions. You can send Payments to other peoples all over the world with the help of PayPal. To do this we need to create or setup a PayPal account first.

So, how to create a PayPal account? This is what we will be discussing today.

How to Create a PayPal account| setting up a PayPal account

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To create a PayPal account, you need to sign up on their site. You will have to perform the following in order to setup your PayPal account

1-      Signup at PayPal official website

2-      Verify your details.

And you are done. It’s as simple as that however there are some problems which we will discuss later. Following are the steps to create a PayPal account.

1-      Go to PayPal’s official website by clicking here.

2-      Click on signup.

3-      You will be asked to choose one account out of 2 options- individual and businesses. I suggest you to choose individual but you can upgrade later.

4-      Enter your personal details and credit card number (NOTE: If you are Indian and don’t own a credit card you can leave this field empty)

5-      Your PayPal account will be created. Now go to your emails and verify it by clicking on link provided.

6-      You are not done yet, you will have to verify your PayPal account in order to remove restrictions.

How to Verify PayPal Account without Credit Card

Verifying a PayPal account is much easier if you own a credit card but what if you don’t have such facility. Well, I am an Indian and I don’t have a credit card so what I did is verified my account with my bank details. Below is the complete procedure about verifying PayPal account with bank details.

How to Verify PayPal Account with Bank Account Details

To do this, login to your PayPal account and click on bank and add a bank. Be careful and fill each detail carefully, entering wrong details may lead to penalty.

Now wait for PayPal to make transactions in your account. It will credit your account my making two transactions. You will have to check your bank account and enter the amount of money you received.

Now your PayPal account will be fully verified and limits will be removed. So this was the complete procedure to create a PayPal account.