How To Get Adsense Approval Easily?

Many bloggers have this question in their mind-How to get AdSense Approval easily? Well, Getting Adsense Approval is a dream for every blogger (specially new bloggers) but it is not as easy as it might seem. It may take months or years to get your Adsense account approved and sometimes you end up with a ban from Adsense. Getting Adsense Approval easily and quickly is even more tougher than that because we are talking about Google Adsense which is conducted by the Search giant Google itself.

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What is Google AdSense?

Well, Google AdSense is a revenue sharing program conducted by Google. If you have a website or blog or any online presense then you can apply for AdSense publishing Program. Once you are approved, you can generate Ad Codes and put them on your websites or blog. When a visitor visits your site and clicks on Ads you earn some money. This money depends on many factors like location, Ad type and Ad position. So Google Adsense is a great way to make money online with little effort.

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Is It Easy To Get Adsense Approval?

how to get adsense approval easily

Getting AdSense approval was never easy and it is relatively more tough now because of increase in number of applications they receive. But this is not the end of world, it doesn’t mean that they will not approve you. They will approve you if you have a good website and you are not using any Black Hat Technique. Google filters out Spam blogs and low quality websites only. The best thing about Google AdSense is that they approve good sites even if the traffic is as low as 50-100 UV/day.

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How To Get Adsense Approval easily?

Truly speaking, i applied for AdSense more than 15 times and each time i got a mail that my application is disapproved but i made it in my 16th attempt. Here i am providing some tips to get AdSense Approval easily. After, reading and applying these tips your chances for getting AdSense approval will increase but i do not guarantee that you will succeed.

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Don’t Make Haste ! The World Isn’t Ending

I have seen many people create a blog and apply for AdSense without any content or with very less content. Hey, The applications are reviewed by humans and i suppose they are not fools. They are not going to approve you. If you really want to get AdSense approval then first write some good content and wait for some months and then apply.

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Create Good Content

Google loves good content so try to write good content and do not do keyword stuffing and all this because they approve applications manually.

No P##n Content

Google doesn’t approve websites with p##n content so don’t even think about getting AdSense approval if you have this type on content.

No Poker, Casino Links

Do not put this type of content on your site.

No Cracks, Free software distribution, Torrents

Do not try to distribute premium softwares and cracks for free. Torrents should be prohibited if you want to get your AdSense approved

Have Patience and Keep Trying

Have patience, this is the best tip for you. Google doesn’t approve websites in first attempt. I don’t know a single person, who got approved in his first try. So keep trying until you make it.

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So These were some tips on How to get AdSense approval easily? comments are welcome.