Today we will tell you about how to install Rainmeter skins? Well, Rainmeter is software or you can say tool which helps us in customizing our desktop. It changes the look of your PC, Laptop or computer. With Rainmeter installed on your computer, you can easily customize its look and feel. I have used this software or tool and believe me it is awesome. You can get many free skins for Rainmeter to give it a different look. You can get any type of skins like skins related to gaming, movies etc. you can check these 5 best Rainmeter skins. If you don’t have Rainmeter installed on your pc you might want to download Rainmeter from this link.

How to Install Rainmeter Skins on Your Windows Computer?

As I told you, you can install Rainmeter skins to give your laptop screen a different look but the question is how to install Rainmeter skins? Don’t worry, I will tell you but before proceeding I am assuming that you have already installed Rainmeter on your computer.

So, to install Rainmeter skins first you need to download the Rainmeter skins, you can choose the best Rainmeter skins according to your choice and need. There are two methods for installing Rainmeter skins on your windows pc.

1-Automatic Method to install Rainmeter skins

how to install rainmeter skins

If the skins you have downloaded are having an extension .rmskin then you can easily install them by simply double clicking on it. So you have to download a skin in .rmskin format, locate this file and simple double click on it and your computer will do rest of the job.

2-Manual Method to Install Rainmeter Skins

If you have downloaded the Rainmeter skins in a zipped or compressed format like .zip or .rar then the above procedure does not work. So there is an alternate way to install Rainmeter skins manually. First extract the package using any extractor like WinRAR or WinZip. Now cut the unzipped folders, put them into a single folder, paste this into the “Rainmeter skins” folder, open Rainmeter again and there you will get newly installed Rainmeter skins.

NOTE: Rainmeter skins folder will be in c/: by default.

So these were the two methods to install Rainmeter skins on your windows PC or computer. Share this post with your friends and let them know about this awesome software. If you are facing problems and you are not getting-“ how to install Rainmeter skins?” You can leave a comment here.