Hello readers! Today I am going to share the traffic and earnings reports of iET for March 2013. Well, sharing reports is an easy way to tell people how I make money online and how can you do the same? Web has become one of the biggest sources of income and peoples are realizing its power. You can make huge bucks while working online. Some big names like harsh Aggarwal and Darren rowse have left their jobs because they are masters in blogging and they earn huge amount with blogging. Now peoples are making it a profession and it’s a great thing as no one likes to work under a BOSS and if you are earning with your blog you are your own BOSS, You can do whatever you want.  It’s like complete freedom. All you need is your website and a working internet connection (oh, and don’t forget to add hard work and dedication). BUT BLOGGING ISN’T EASY AS IT MIGHT SEEM. Creating and establishing a blog are different things. Creating a blog is easy but taking it to next level and making money from it is a big task and you need dedication and hard work in order to achieve you goals. Earning passive income takes more work and dedication. So don’t go an open a blog blindly by seeing earning reports of others because this might cause you in a bad way. So first, do a research and see if you can do whatever it takes to establish a blog, use your wit and then open a blog. If you are facing difficulties and don’t know how to create a blog, you can shoot a mail at prabhat@ieattraffic.com for help. Well, this was the blah, blah, blah part of this post. Now I am sharing my earnings for iET.

Earnings report

earnings of ieattraffic

First of all, I’d like you to know that I started working on iEatTraffic on 26th of February 2013. It was my good luck that it started getting traffic from the very first week (because of my hard work). iET is my 2nd blog and so I did not repeat the mistakes I did on first blog. Following are my earnings for different ad networks. Most of the income came from AdSense because I was not using affiliate marketing and other options but now I am thinking about it.

Google AdSense – $ 587 (very low CPC, high CTR)

Amazon Associates - $ 56 (I dint actually work on Amazon, I really don’t know how I made these sales)

Hostgator Affiliate – $ 100

Infolinks – $ 32

Yahoo Ads – $ 29

Total Earnings – $ 804 = Rs 43,416 ($ 1 = 54 Rs)

These were the Ad Networks I tried and I succeeded with most of them. Now I am thinking about taking it seriously (I don’t want to be dependent on AdSense alone, it’s risky). I never thought that I would make this much amount with blogging (with a new blog). Because I work for almost 1-2 hours a day (I am an Engineering Student and faculty keeps torturing us) and I am earning good (I think my starting salary would be less than this if I ever get a job, LOL).

Earnings are not so great but consider the fact that iET is only 2 months old and this is my first big amount.

Traffic Stats for March 2013

traffic report ieattraffic

Now comes the interesting part – Traffic Reports. So you want to know how much traffic can earn you this much amount of money. I told you, earning money isn’t easy. You can see th snap of my Google Analytics report.

Total Visits – 74,443

Page views – 1, 11,498

Maximum Visitors a day – 4384 (31 march)

Maximum online – 34

Search Traffic – 86.82 %

Referral – 1.85 %

Direct – 11.33 %

These were stats for iET. But let me tell you one thing, there is no guarantee that same amount of traffic will earn you same. You can make more or less than this (it depends on your sales, Ad placement, CPC, CPM or CTR).

Alexa and Page Rank

iET is PR1 and it has an alexa rank – 1,44,000.

Good luck for your blogging journey.

(Some guys used to make fun of me because I wasn’t earning big money; I am sharing this report just because of them. I say “Go To Hell”)

Prabhat Rayal,

Admin- iEatTraffic [dot] com