androidapp-papercameraImage and video capturing applications on mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. This is largely due To the increasing development of social networking on the Internet and the ability to instantly share memories online. One of the most popular image app is Instagram. This application has had huge success thanks to its simple but effective design and selection of good-looking filters that can be used to enhance images. Paper camera (android app) is an image capturing application that is similar to Instagram but introduces several key new features that could rival the popular app.

Real time feature

Paper camera (Android App) is similar to other photo applications in it’s initial concept. The application can take photos and can bring images from external devices into the program. These can then be effected by using a selection of different filters. However, paper camera has a unique feature which is that it can apply filters in real time. This means that when you are in the process of capturing an image and looking through the viewfinder you will see the world through the filter that you have applied. As well as being a cool effect, this is also a useful tool as it allows you to see what the subject matter will look like instantly through that specific filter.


Paper camera (Android App) has up to 12 filters to choose from. These include a comic book style, an old printer style and a neon pastel style to name a few. The application has also been designed so as to be simple but effective and can be used quickly and easily whilst on the go. The application also allows you to create movies with these specific filters applied. These movies can then be uploaded to a PC and played on a webM player.


There are a few small problems with the application. The main one is that the image quality is not brilliant. The resolution in this app is quite low but this is currently being worked on by the developers. The other problem is that when you save an image from paper camera onto a device it saves them to the internal memory rather than to an SD card. However with these small problems to one side, paper camera (Android app) is an intriguing app that will excite people who own an Android device and want an image creation tool that is unique and creative.