iphone-5-goldThe iPhone has become one of Apple’s most popular products and is also one of the most useful and well designed mobile devices on the market. The latest model is one that has not yet been released but is being discussed through out the web. The iPhone 5S (gold) takes the powerful iPhone 5 and re-cases it in a slimmer and more stylish casing design. The screen is also bigger and features a more detailed image display. There is also a faster interface with quick Internet connection and no loss in battery power. However this new model is set to add some additional features that should take the iPhone technology into new territory. The problem is whether Apple are actually prepared to release these new features. In this article we will have a look at some of those new features that could be built into this new model.

Unique looks

The iPhone gold plated 5S is a very stylish looking version of the iPhone 5S and features a bright and shiny gold-plated back design. There is a number of additional exciting features that may be introduced with this model, such as a fingerprint password scanner on the home screen. An additional input of an SD-card reader on the actual iPhone is also being debated and will allow users the ability to transfer data from devices such as digital cameras and other computers that feature the SD-card input slot. There has been much debate about whether this model will actually be released. Apple are known for being very secretive about their latest releases and this model is no different. This technique of secrecy creates a lot of debate in such places as the Internet forums and the web’s blogging community.

Unique features

What can be certain is that if this model is released, it will come shipped with the latest 5S technology. The iPhone 5 is the fastest version of the phone on the market and has a great amount of battery power. The iPhone 5S (gold) will help to introduce the new operating system that is more colorful and user friendly, thanks to a new text design and subtle change in the user interface. This model should also feature the high quality camera that can be used for still images, video recording and face-time and Skype sessions. Fans of the popular Apple franchise should be extremely excited to see a selection of new features. Whether these features will actually be implemented is another matter.