Page Rank/PR Update 2013, 04 February

It’s official that there was a Page Rank/PR update on 04 February 2013. Which is the first Page Rank/PR update of 2013? Page Rank/PR update 2013 took place on 4, February 2013.and is Page Rank/PR 1 now within 15 days of work and it is really great news for me.

What is Page Rank/PR?

PR update 2013

Page Rank/PR or Page Rank is the rank of a web page which is determined by Google. Page Rank/PR simply tells about the quality of a web page. Page Rank/PR of a website or web page depends upon many factors but the most important factor is the number of Quality backlinks. Quality means DoFollow backlinks.

if you want to check PR of your website after PR Update 2013, 04, February. Check it from below:

pr update 2013

Page Rank/PR affects the performance of a website or webpage in the SERP or Google Search Results. It can help a website in getting good rank in search results. But after the Panda and Penguin update many people believe that Page Rank/PR does not help in SERP now.

What Page Rank/PR did you get in Page Rank/PR update 2013, 04 February? Share your Page Rank/PR in comments: