sony-game-ps4The PS4 is the latest games and media console to be released by the Sony brand and promises to be the most advanced console that Sony have ever built. Sony have paid particular attention to the compatibility of the console. The console will integrate well into a Sony based set up and will connect to a number of devices that are also built by the company. The console comes with an array of new features and is incredibly fast as well. There are many reasons to be excited about the PS4 release date. Here we will explain a few of them.


Sony promises that the new device will be extremely fast and will include a number of features that will show this in full effect. One will be the ability to turn off the Playstation 4 mid way through a game. One will be able to switch the device back on and will arrive at the exact point that they left off. The PS4 is also a very fast loading machine and will be up and running in several seconds. Another great feature is the ability to download games from the internet and play them before they have completed their download time.

Camera functions

The PS4 includes some very advanced camera technology that is built into the machine and detects certain elements in its surroundings. For instance, in a multi-player game, the camera will detect the visual features of each player and will adjust the screens according to where the players are sitting. The screens will also re adjust if the players change positions whilst a multiplayer game is commencing.


The Sony PS4 will be compatible with a wide range of other Sony devices, such as the Xperia hand held devices, Bravia television sets and other BD players. The PS4 integrates with the Sony Vita and will allow players to continue playing a PS4 game on their Vita hand held device whilst on the move, allowing users to escape from their television device.

These are just a few of the exciting features that users can expect when they start using the machine. Over a million PS4 units have been pre-ordered ahead of the machines release, which shows just how excited customers are about the PS4 release date. The PS4 plans to work with the greatest games developers around the world to create an experience that will be extremely enjoyable and interactive for the player.