Top 5 Best Browsers For Android Smartphones and Tablets, Download

“Top 5 Best browsers for android smartphones”, the title says all about this post. In this article we will be discussing about the top 5 best browsers for android smartphones, you can also use these top browsers on your android tablets and other android devices. So without wasting your precious time, let’s start the discussion about the Top, best 5 browsers for android.

Top 5 Best Browsers For Android:

1-Dolphin – Best in 5 Best Browsers for Android:

Dolphin browser for android is my favorite browser as it provides a nice UI and great speed. With dolphin browser, you can import bookmarks from other browsers and it provides tabbed browsing and gesture features. You can set gestures to open several websites with just drawing gestures on screen. Talking about the speed, it is definitely one of the fastest browser for android smartphones. The Only drawback is that it takes significant amount of memory but you can download Dolphin mini version to overcome these limitations. These features make Dolphin browser, one of the top 5 best browsers for android. You can download Dolphon Android Browser from this Link.

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top 5 best browsers for android

2-Opera Mini Browser: Fastest Browser for Android

Some people hate this browser, because it does not have enough features and functionality (I am talking about Opera Mini not Opera Mobile, so don’t be confused). The Opera Mini browser is the fastest Android Browser but not the best. It has its own drawbacks and strengths.

So what makes Opera Mini Browser, the fastest browser for android? Well, download this browser and feel its speed. It’s the fastest browser for android as it loads only necessary content, no flash and extra stuff. The second advantage is its size, it’s hardly 1.2 MB -2 MB and it consumes very less memory (almost 6 MB). And these features make it one on the top 5 best browsers for android.

Now the drawbacks, the main drawback is that it crashes frequently on my HTC and it’s so irritating but you can try this. May be, it’s not going to crash on your device.

So if you are concerned about speed, go for Opera Mini browser For Android.

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3- Boat Browser for Android:

Many android users don’t know anything about this browser. Boat browser is not as popular as Opera, Dolphin and other browsers but believe me, it is awesome. It has many features and supports flash and other features which are necessary for viewing the full content of a web page. These qualities make it one of the top 5 best browsers for android. The drawback it again memory consumption, it eats so much memory like dolphin but you can also go for the Boat Mini or Lite version to overcome memory problems. download boat browser form this link

4-UC Browser for Android:

5 best browsers for android

UC Browser is one of the best browsers I’ve ever seen. It has support for almost every kind of smartphone like Android, Symbian other smartphones. It was best on Symbian and good on Android. The UC Browser for android has many features and all necessary options. It also has many shortcuts on home screen of UC Browser. But the drawback is memory consumption but you can download the mini/lite version. It is not as fast as opera and dolphin. Download UC Browser From here

5- Maxthon Browser

The features of Maxthon Browser are similar to other browsers in its size range. It is fast and user friendly. The UI is amazing but again it consumes great memory. Download Maxthon for here

So I would suggest you to use Opera Mini and Dolphin browsers but you may give these browsers a try and choose what’s best for you. Some other good browsers are Firefox, Opera Mobile and Google Chrome. Share your views and queries about the top 5 best browsers for android in the comments