Top 5 Best Browsers For Windows 8 & Windows 7

Today, I am going to provide you a list of best browsers for Windows 8 or Windows 7 computers. Well, Browsing internet is hobby for some peoples but it has become an inevitable part of our lives. We can’t imagine our life without internet. To access internet we need a browser on every platform whether it is a Windows PC, tablet or smartphone. Today, speed matters a lot so everyone wants to save time and this is applicable in case of internet browsing also. So today I will be sharing best browsers for Windows 8 and windows 7 PC or computer. This list of best Windows 8 browsers is based upon my personal views so I may not be 100% correct but I am writing what I think is best.

Top 5 Best Browsers for Windows 8 and Windows 7

There isn’t much difference between windows 8 and windows 7 so the same list is applicable in case of windows 7 also. I do feel that these windows browsers work well on windows 7 also. So the list of best browsers for windows is applicable on both windows8 and windows7. Below are the best windows 8 browsers.

Google Chrome Browser: Best Browser for Windows 8 and Windows 7

best browsers for windows 8 and windows 7

Undoubtedly, Google chrome is the best browser for windows 8 , windows 7 and almost all versions of windows. Google Chrome has shown extra ordinary performance, features and speed enhancements which makes it favorite browser of almost every person. Google chrome loads pages with a great speed and provides an eye pleasing UI. It has many functions and great extensions which help us in almost every task. So Google Chrome is the best in this list of best browsers for windows 8.

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Firefox Browser

Earlier, Firefox was assumed to be the best browser. Firefox is a nice browser and the closest competitor of Google chrome. However I personally don’t like Firefox and its UI. It keeps crashing every time I try to open several tabs but I have tried opening 50 tabs on Google Chrome and it worked like a charm. Firefox Metro browser is the version of Firefox which is made especially for windows 8. This is second best browser in this list of best browsers for windows 8.

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Opera Browser

Well, Opera is doing great from a long time. It always brings quality browsers for its users. Opera mini for mobile is one of the best android browsers and probably the fastest browser on mobile platform and Opera Browser Beta for Android is creating a buzz. Opera browser is also available for windows and its really nice. It has Opera turbo and other interesting features.

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Maxthon Browser

Remaining two browsers are not so good but you can give them a try. Maxthon browser is similar to Google chrome. The UI is also similar to chrome. It has great speed but it hangs too much which is enough to put it on 4th number in this list of best browsers for windows 8 and windows 7.

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IE 10

IE is the most irritating browser I have ever used. If you accidently clicked on it, it would take ages to close. But IE 10 has changed my mind. IE 10 is awesome and probably the best version of IE. It brings many new things and has a great speed which can help you load pages faster. You should give it a try on your windows 8 PC.

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So these were some best browsers for windows 8 and windows 7 computer. Which browser are you using on your windows 8 PC? Please tell us in comments.