starcommandWith the nights getting longer, and the temperatures dropping, it can only mean that Fall is finally here. October has seen the launch of hundreds of new apps to download on Android. Here are the Top3 Android App released last week.

Star Command, By Star Command, LLC, $2.99

Over two years in the making, Star Command has been one of the most eagerly-anticipated games for Android devices. Released on iOS over five months ago, the wait for Star Command on Android has frustrated many users, with the game’s lengthy long development cycle. Players start off as a eager new captain in the game, wandering down the empty corridors of the Star Command. The aim is to construct the infrastructure for the shop, hire staff, and decorate rooms, bearing similarities to both the Sims and Star Wars. Even though the game is short, it does offer a lot to those who are interested in science and engineering. Players are given a short training session at the beginning of the game before being assigned tasks such as building rooms, or fixing the mechanics of the large ship. The micromanagement style of Star Command resembled Game Dev Story, developed by Kairosoft, where players have to build and maintain urban spaces. At only $2.99, the game has no advertisements or additional in-app purchases and is a vibrant and exciting new game for all ages.

Final Fantasy V, Square Enix Company, $12.00

Following the lead of the previous Android incarnation of the extremely popular 1990s role playing game, Final Fantasy V features sharp graphics and hours of game-play The fifth version of the franchise looks amazing on Android’s high resolution screen display and the battle system has been fixed to be a lot faster than Final Fantasy IV. First released in the US and Japan in the early 1990s, Final Fantasy V is considered one of the best games in the RPG series. The original version was one of the last to use 2D graphics before the series upgraded to 3D with Final Fantasy VII. In the UK, Final Fantasy didn’t hit the UK marketplace until 2001, when it was released on the original Play Station. The game was also later released on the GameBoy Advance in 2007, as well as the PlayStation 2 and the Nintento Wii in 2011, and now on the Android in 2013. In addition, Final Fantasy VI is expected to be released on the Android and iOS later this winter.

FIFA 2014, EA Sports, $4.99

The latest incarnation of one of the world’s most popular football games makes it debut on Android, and features over 600 teams, 33 football leagues and more than 16,000 football players. New touch controls allow users to move their players around the field, pass, shoot and tackle, and Vampire Weekend and Empire of the Sun feature in the game’s thrilling musical soundtrack. This is without doubt one of the Top3 Android App released last week.

The three Android apps listed above all feature stunning graphics which have been optimized for tablet screens, and all three will keep you entertained all the way until Halloween next week. We choose Star Command, Final Fantasy V, and FIFA 2014 as the Top3 Android App released last week.