TrueCaller For PC Free Download (Android App)

TrueCaller is an awesome app for Android and I think you all must have tried it, if you own an Android device or smartphone. TrueCaller is basically a call based app. It has a large directory of numbers and you can get any number from it. It also has other features. TrueCaller app for smartphones has more than 11 million users worldwide which makes it one of the most successful apps. It is one of the top downloaded apps on Google Play. TrueCaller is a free app unless you use paid features. You can download the official TrueCaller app from this link. Many people want TrueCaller for PC or computer. So today I am going to share a trick, by which you will be able to get TrueCaller for PC or computer. Read this post to know more about installing TrueCaller on PC. Meanwhile you can also download other apps like Temple Run for PC, Subway Surfers  for PC, Jetpack Joyride for PC and WhatsApp for PC.

How To Get/Download TrueCaller for PC

Getting TrueCaller for PC is a simple task if you know about a software named BlueStacks. It will help you run TrueCaller on your PC or computer. You need to download BlueStacks first in order to run it on your PC. You can download BlueStacks from below link.

Download BlueStacks


truecaller for pc and computer free download

After downloading this, you need to install BlueStacks on your PC.

NOTE- After installing BlueStacks, a folder named “apps” will be created on desktop.

Now, you need to download the .apk file of TrueCaller. You can easily find it by using Google because I cannot provide direct links here. So you will have to do some exercise. It’s really easy, go to Google and search for “TrueCaller .apk file download” and you will get tons of results, download it.

How To Install TrueCaller On PC

After downloading .apk file of TrueCaller, simple double click on it or open it with BlueStacks. Now, BlueStacks will automatically install TrueCaller on your PC or computer.

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How To Use TrueCaller on PC

When you have successfully installed TrueCaller on your PC, you need to search it. This will be contained in a folder named “apps” on your desktop. If you could not find the folder, try searching it from start menu and then open the folder. You will find all installed files there. Now, double click on TrueCaller and it will run automatically.

So this was the complete procedure to get TrueCaller for PC or computer. By following this easy procedure, you can download and install TrueCaller on your PC. If you are facing problems, you can leave comments about TrueCaller for PC.