google-keep-note-app-updateHaving created the most popular search engine on the web, Google are now branching out and are developing a number of apps and devices for the digital consumer. The keep app is one of these products. Google originally released keep for the Android device and designed it to be a simple note taking application. Now Google have taken another step and hope to make the product a far more advanced application, which focuses on the need for daily reminders and list taking tasks. We will have a look at some of the key features of the keep note app update by Google and will outline its various uses.

In order to get the most out of the app, the user must first create a reminder within the keep note application. This is simple to do and is as easy as writing a text message. The user must then decide whether to make the reminder a time based note or a location based note. The time based note will remind the user at a certain time, where as the location based note will remind the user when they are near a certain location.The new upgrade communicates with the Android’s location device to determine the area in which the task is to be completed. When the user enters the location, the app will create a reminder alert which will inform the user of the task that needs to be done. For example, when the user enters a supermarket, a shopping list that has already been created will pop up on the Android screen and then alert the user. The user must make sure that the location of the supermarket is saved within the Android, so that it can determine the location of the reminder.

Google are also creating the ability to use different accounts within the same app. This means that users can create tasks and keep them organized for separate events or times of the day. This means that is a user has a selection of tasks to do at home and a selection of reminders for them at work, neither of these set of reminders will become mixed up. The app itself is very colorful and positive in its overall design. The layout resembles a selection of post-it notes that are arranged on the Android screen, with easy to read text. This should be a useful app and should come in handy for those that own an Android device.